In the tradition of the Slavic Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic Churches, composer Roman Hurko's works of sacred choral music are original settings of The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, as well as Vespers and the Panachyda Requiem. Mr. Hurko's work is faithful to these profound and centuries old Byzantine rite texts. The directness and simplicity of his byzantine rite sacred music gives prominence to the prayers.

New: Vespers (2005)
and Requiem/Panachyda (2001)
together on one CD.

Liturgy No. 3

Roman Hurko is pleased to announce the re-issue of his Vespers and Requiem for the Victims of Chornobyl.

Mr. Hurko's Vespers was recorded by the Vydubychi Church Chorus in 2005. It has recently been performed in concert by the Ewashko Singers in Ottawa, as well as by Kliros in Portland, Oregon. Selections, such as Svite Tychyj and Hospody Vozzvach have been performed in many countries including Canada, France, and Serbia.Bohorodytse Divo has been especially popular with choral groups. The music for Vespers is published by Musica Russica.

April 26, 2016 marked the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster.

Roman Hurko's Requiem/Panachyda for the Victims of Chornobyl was composed to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the disaster in 2001. It was premiered and recorded in Kyiv, Ukraine by the Frescoes of Kyiv Chamber Choir. It has been performed by the Estudi XX Cor de Terrassa in Barcelona, Spain; The Elmer Iseler Singers in Toronto, Canada; The Queensland University Musical Society in Australia, as well as the Spiritus Chamber Choir in Calgary, Canada. The music is published by CARO Productions.

This new CD re-issue comes in an attractive booklet form, with large print, so that the text can be easily followed by the listener.  Roman Hurko's new Vespers/Requiem CD is available now through CARO Productions:

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